Thursday, July 25, 2013

38 Weeks: Caroline's Nursery!

38 Weeks, getting bigger and more anxious/excited/nervous/emotional by the day!!! Come out come out Caroline, we all just cannot wait to meet you! I'm still dead convinced that she will be one week early. That means she will come sometime this coming week {my due date is August 8}. Good news is at my doctor appointment last Friday, I was already dilated 2 cm. Granted, I could stay this way until {or after, yikes} August 8... who knows. But, I've decided to take that as a great sign that she will be making her grand entrance sooner rather than later :) I have another doctor appointment tomorrow, we'll see if things have continued to "progress". FINGERS CROSSED! I'm so ready to hold this precious little baby girl in my arms that I just cannot stand it! Every last little thing is ready around the house too. I told one of my girlfriend's last night that at this point, I'm just creating things to do. Dusting everyday, cleaning the bathroom everyday, you name it. We are READY. It's pretty crazy to see a carseat in the backseat of the car... wowzers! As if having a nursery in the house didn't make it real enough... the carseat definitely does! Speaking of nursery, I've decided to finally include some pics of Sweet Caroline's little princess room {the paint on the walls is literally named "Princess"}. I love just going in and sitting in that little room, makes my heart so happy to envision what it will be like once the room has a roommate!!
{Still cannot believe she's almost here!}
 {Little Molly in the chair was my American Girl doll growing up, I loved her!}

 {My sweet friend Emily made the adorable bow holder!}

{My sweet and talented sister made the painting on the wall!}
{Can't wait to rock Sweet Caroline}
{A look in from the door}
{Perhaps my fav thing in the whole room, the perfect little chandelier}
{All that's missing is one sweet little baby girl!!}

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  1. Lauren,
    Your blog is PRECIOUS and so is sweet Caroline!! Not that my husband and I are expecting (but we are praying and praying for that miracle!), but where did you find that amazing crib!?!? It's gorgeous!!!

    Let me know!!

    All The Best,
    Pier (Mallory) Lefebvre