Thursday, July 11, 2013

36 Weeks: Finishing Touches

I cannot believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant… WHAT?! To think that Caroline could very well be born any day now blows my mind. In a good way obviously. Ok ok ok, sometimes it literally scares me slap to death….. that’s normal... right?? I know I've been going through this whole pregnancy thing for a long time now, but it still just absolutely astounds me when I think about the fact that there this a precious little life inside of me. A little life that currently depends on me for life {crazy when you think about that, huh?} and will continue depending on me {and Bennett} for a very, very long time once she finally arrives. We keep wondering when it will finally sink in that we are going to be Mommy and Daddy. Responsible for another person. Fixer of "boo-boos", the one who fights off monsters under the bed, reader of bedtime stories.... Man oh man. It warms my heart and makes me anxious all at the same time! Speaking of being anxious, I'd like to ask all my faithful blog readers to say a little prayer for me and baby Caroline. Had my weekly doctor appointment Tuesday and for the first time throughout the entire pregnancy {and really my entire life} had pretty high blood pressure. This was obviously alarming to me and my doctor and especially considering the fact that mine is normally very low and had jumped in just a mere 6 days since my last appointment. Long story short- I have been ordered to no more travel {I was going back and forth all over the place A LOT for work}, and to work only 1/2 day every day from home with LOTS of rest. I am going back Friday for some tests for protein in my urine and ultimately to find out if I have toxemia (pre-eclampsia) or not. A little frightening to say the least, but trusting that everything is going to be just fine. Prayers and well wishes much appreciated by all :)

 In happier news, we have been having a blast putting the finishing touches on all of Caroline's little stuff! Isn't it funny how a baby so teeny tiny requires SO. MUCH. STUFF?!?! I'm FINALLY almost finished with her nursery- just have to put some pictures in a couple of the frames and waiting on the toy box that my Dad is making for her {super excited about that} and then it will be all done! Everything is washed {omg I could smell that baby detergent all day}, steamed, pressed, organized, and ready for the world's most perfect little princess, Caroline Anne Smith, to make her big debut! I've also officially packed the hospital bags. Talk about things getting REAL. Thanks to everyone for all the great input via FB as to what to bring/pack. Some of those things I would have never thought about but they make total sense!
 {Packing up her hospital bag!!!!}
{Closet is officially organized!}

Words cannot express lately just how thankful I am for the fact that I hit the husband jackpot. I know I know, corny, I get it. But so so true. Bennett is the best man and I know that God created him just for me because I am convinced that no one else would put up with my crazy nesting tendencies and just overall OCD-ness in general. He goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is just the way I want it and the absolute best for his baby girl Caroline. Most men would not do half of the things that this Daddy to be does... and I know this because I've witnessed friends go through this without nearly the help that I have from my best friend and perfect husband. He is going to be the best dad to Caroline and I am so thankful that he's the one who she gets to call Daddy.
{Daddy steaming Caroline's bed skirt}

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