Thursday, July 25, 2013

38 Weeks: Caroline's Nursery!

38 Weeks, getting bigger and more anxious/excited/nervous/emotional by the day!!! Come out come out Caroline, we all just cannot wait to meet you! I'm still dead convinced that she will be one week early. That means she will come sometime this coming week {my due date is August 8}. Good news is at my doctor appointment last Friday, I was already dilated 2 cm. Granted, I could stay this way until {or after, yikes} August 8... who knows. But, I've decided to take that as a great sign that she will be making her grand entrance sooner rather than later :) I have another doctor appointment tomorrow, we'll see if things have continued to "progress". FINGERS CROSSED! I'm so ready to hold this precious little baby girl in my arms that I just cannot stand it! Every last little thing is ready around the house too. I told one of my girlfriend's last night that at this point, I'm just creating things to do. Dusting everyday, cleaning the bathroom everyday, you name it. We are READY. It's pretty crazy to see a carseat in the backseat of the car... wowzers! As if having a nursery in the house didn't make it real enough... the carseat definitely does! Speaking of nursery, I've decided to finally include some pics of Sweet Caroline's little princess room {the paint on the walls is literally named "Princess"}. I love just going in and sitting in that little room, makes my heart so happy to envision what it will be like once the room has a roommate!!
{Still cannot believe she's almost here!}
 {Little Molly in the chair was my American Girl doll growing up, I loved her!}

 {My sweet friend Emily made the adorable bow holder!}

{My sweet and talented sister made the painting on the wall!}
{Can't wait to rock Sweet Caroline}
{A look in from the door}
{Perhaps my fav thing in the whole room, the perfect little chandelier}
{All that's missing is one sweet little baby girl!!}

Thursday, July 18, 2013

37 Weeks: FULL TERM!

37 weeks today means that this pregnancy just hit FULL TERM! Little Caroline could technically come any day now.... I cannot believe it! I am praying she comes sooner rather than later. For the obvious reason that I cannot wait to meet her and kiss her perfect little face, but also because I feel like I am going to go NUTS over the next few weeks waiting on her arrival. I seriously do not know if there is anything left in our home to clean, organize, decorate, etc. {actually maybe I'm wrong... I do have our closet that I'd still like to organize, maybe I'll do that today}. The fact that I am now restricted to working from home is starting to give me a tad bit of cabin fever and only increases my desire to just constantly be preparing something, ANYTHING for her arrival. I had an epiphany the other day as Bennett and I were walking into Target to get a couple of things that were still lingering on our "need for baby list". As I was thinking to myself "Ok, after we get these things we will really be ALL ready", then my mind started racing "Well, what if we need this? So and so said we might could use this. Oh dangit I still need to clean this." That's when it hit me, there is always always always going to be something else that could be bought or done. We will never hit the point of "Ok it's all set and ready and all we need to do is just sit and wait"... mainly because I am just a nutso and am always going to find something else that we need to do or buy in order to make her little life just perfect. I finally realized that Bennett and I are truly as ready as we can be. The bigger question- is Caroline ready? All I know is I'm staying as active as possible and doing everything I can to bring on the labor. Bennett and I walked so long downtown last night that I did not know if my little legs were going to make it anymore! COME ON BABY GIRLLLLLLLLL
{I cannot believe I am 37 weeks preggers!}
{Maybe if I walk enough, she'll get the hint??}

Ok so as this whole pregnancy as entered the final stages, I've learned that there are several things I absolutely cannot live without. For all your pregnant ladies, ladies who might one day be pregnant, or heck even men who need a little peak into what it might be like... listen up.

Thing I Can't Live Without #1Zantac 150. Preferably the "cool mint" flavor that provides a nice refreshing relief on the way down. Can I get an AMEN from anyone out there who has experienced pregnancy heartburn? I read where one woman I know described it as someone sticking a curling iron down your throat.... couldn't have said it better myself! This stuff stays fully stocked in my purse at all times. In the rare chance that I run out, you better bet I'm immediately finding my way to the first drug store, Target, Wal Mart, etc and picking up a box of these little miracle workers. One in the morning + One before bed = Much happier mommy to be.

Thing I Can't Live Without #2: Body Pillow. And the sad part is that these days, as the belly continues to grow and grow, the body pillow doesn't even quite do the trick anymore. Don't get me wrong... it helps tremendously. But holy cow. The words "Sleeping Comfortably" are two words that I never knew I would miss saying so much. Over the past month when I was staying in hotels a couple nights a week for work, I literally almost got to the point of shoving my body pillow into my suitcase so that I could get a decent night sleep. Sleep without the body pillow = non existent. I stayed up from 2-4 am one night watching George Lopez on the Nickelodeon channel because I couldn't get comfy. {And I gotta say, funny show!} Do yourself a favor and don't ever ever ever try to go to sleep without one of these bad boys.

Thing I Can't Live Without #3: The handle thingy in the car directly above the window. Does anyone know what the heck I'm talking about from that description? I believe some people so eloquently call it the "Oh Sh*t" handle... because you hold onto it for dear life when someone is a terrible driver. Anyway, never used this little gem until I rounded the third trimester. I drive an SUV so getting in and out of my car is easy {eh, easier} compared to getting in and out of Bennett's car. Sometimes I feel as if I'm literally stuck in my seat and need to just roll out like a rollie polie. Ah, but then I discovered how great the little handle thingy is. Grab onto that bad boy and just pull your big old self right out of that seat. I literally am not sure I would be capable of getting out of the car without it. Sad but true.

Thing I Can't Live Without #4: A Willing Husband with Strong Hands. Hellooooooo back pain! Holy cow. My back hurts all. the. time. lately. It hurts as I am sitting and writing this, actually. The terrible part is, nothing really seems to relieve it. I've found it hurts the worst when I'm sitting, second worst when I'm standing, and hurts least when I'm laying down. Isn't that convenient. Who wants to just lay down all day?? {Although Dr Sikes did order me to at least several hours a day bed rest, ugh}. Thank GOD for Bennett and his oh so "willing to help his wife" nature. He never complains when I ask for a back massage and actually even tends to offer it on his own accord. Poor guy too because it takes like an intense, hard, "dig your knuckles into my back" rubbing to make it feel even a little better. Bless him! Oh and I know I know, this probably means I will have back labor. YIPPEE.

I could probably go on for at least a few more paragraphs, but I think I'll stop at these 4 essentials. Keep us in your prayers as we wait for our precious little girl to join our family! And I'll go ahead and apologize now for the insane amount of pictures I am sure to be posting once she makes her grand debut. Here's to hoping she comes this week! haha :)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

36 Weeks: Finishing Touches

I cannot believe that I am 36 weeks pregnant… WHAT?! To think that Caroline could very well be born any day now blows my mind. In a good way obviously. Ok ok ok, sometimes it literally scares me slap to death….. that’s normal... right?? I know I've been going through this whole pregnancy thing for a long time now, but it still just absolutely astounds me when I think about the fact that there this a precious little life inside of me. A little life that currently depends on me for life {crazy when you think about that, huh?} and will continue depending on me {and Bennett} for a very, very long time once she finally arrives. We keep wondering when it will finally sink in that we are going to be Mommy and Daddy. Responsible for another person. Fixer of "boo-boos", the one who fights off monsters under the bed, reader of bedtime stories.... Man oh man. It warms my heart and makes me anxious all at the same time! Speaking of being anxious, I'd like to ask all my faithful blog readers to say a little prayer for me and baby Caroline. Had my weekly doctor appointment Tuesday and for the first time throughout the entire pregnancy {and really my entire life} had pretty high blood pressure. This was obviously alarming to me and my doctor and especially considering the fact that mine is normally very low and had jumped in just a mere 6 days since my last appointment. Long story short- I have been ordered to no more travel {I was going back and forth all over the place A LOT for work}, and to work only 1/2 day every day from home with LOTS of rest. I am going back Friday for some tests for protein in my urine and ultimately to find out if I have toxemia (pre-eclampsia) or not. A little frightening to say the least, but trusting that everything is going to be just fine. Prayers and well wishes much appreciated by all :)

 In happier news, we have been having a blast putting the finishing touches on all of Caroline's little stuff! Isn't it funny how a baby so teeny tiny requires SO. MUCH. STUFF?!?! I'm FINALLY almost finished with her nursery- just have to put some pictures in a couple of the frames and waiting on the toy box that my Dad is making for her {super excited about that} and then it will be all done! Everything is washed {omg I could smell that baby detergent all day}, steamed, pressed, organized, and ready for the world's most perfect little princess, Caroline Anne Smith, to make her big debut! I've also officially packed the hospital bags. Talk about things getting REAL. Thanks to everyone for all the great input via FB as to what to bring/pack. Some of those things I would have never thought about but they make total sense!
 {Packing up her hospital bag!!!!}
{Closet is officially organized!}

Words cannot express lately just how thankful I am for the fact that I hit the husband jackpot. I know I know, corny, I get it. But so so true. Bennett is the best man and I know that God created him just for me because I am convinced that no one else would put up with my crazy nesting tendencies and just overall OCD-ness in general. He goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is just the way I want it and the absolute best for his baby girl Caroline. Most men would not do half of the things that this Daddy to be does... and I know this because I've witnessed friends go through this without nearly the help that I have from my best friend and perfect husband. He is going to be the best dad to Caroline and I am so thankful that he's the one who she gets to call Daddy.
{Daddy steaming Caroline's bed skirt}

Friday, July 5, 2013

35 Weeks: Better Late Than Never!

35 weeks!!!!!! I guess technically yesterday was 35 weeks... I'm writing this late for the first time in the entire pregnancy. We have been enjoying some much needed time with my family at the
lake and while I fully intended to type my weekly update on the drive down, I opted for a nice long nap instead! This is going to be just a short little post, I will make up for it with a really good one next week :)We have had so much fun being with the family and talking about what it will be like next 4th of July.... When we have an 11 month old baby Caroline! My heart gets so happy just thinking about when this precious little girl is finally here. She already is making our lives so much happier even just while she is in my belly! Her little kicks never get old... Although lately they do get quite painful. Maybe she is practicing her Tae Kwan Do in utero.

Me and Caroline's super hot dad enjoyed a nice little baby moon weekend getaway in Hilton Head this past weekend. After a super hectic past couple months with work for both of us, and in preparation for "us two" to become "we three", a little beach time together was just what we needed! I fall more and more in love with Bennett each and every day and could not be more thankful that he is the man God picked for me and to be the father of my children. I hit the husband jackpot.... I'm the luckiest! Also I want to add to any pregger friends that read this- if you haven't found your way to a pool yet... DO IT ASAP. I mean, talk abou feeling relief. Totally takes all the pressure off the belly, makes you feel semi normal again, and just really is the best I've felt in a long time. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and go swimming... I don't know why I didn't earlier!!!