Friday, July 5, 2013

35 Weeks: Better Late Than Never!

35 weeks!!!!!! I guess technically yesterday was 35 weeks... I'm writing this late for the first time in the entire pregnancy. We have been enjoying some much needed time with my family at the
lake and while I fully intended to type my weekly update on the drive down, I opted for a nice long nap instead! This is going to be just a short little post, I will make up for it with a really good one next week :)We have had so much fun being with the family and talking about what it will be like next 4th of July.... When we have an 11 month old baby Caroline! My heart gets so happy just thinking about when this precious little girl is finally here. She already is making our lives so much happier even just while she is in my belly! Her little kicks never get old... Although lately they do get quite painful. Maybe she is practicing her Tae Kwan Do in utero.

Me and Caroline's super hot dad enjoyed a nice little baby moon weekend getaway in Hilton Head this past weekend. After a super hectic past couple months with work for both of us, and in preparation for "us two" to become "we three", a little beach time together was just what we needed! I fall more and more in love with Bennett each and every day and could not be more thankful that he is the man God picked for me and to be the father of my children. I hit the husband jackpot.... I'm the luckiest! Also I want to add to any pregger friends that read this- if you haven't found your way to a pool yet... DO IT ASAP. I mean, talk abou feeling relief. Totally takes all the pressure off the belly, makes you feel semi normal again, and just really is the best I've felt in a long time. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and go swimming... I don't know why I didn't earlier!!!

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