Thursday, June 27, 2013

34 Weeks - Lightning Bugs and The Poky Little Puppy

34 Weeks! Am I the only one who cannot believe how close we are getting to due date?! To say that time is flying by is an absolute understatement. It is still hard to believe that Bennett and I are soon to be mommy and daddy..... wonder when that will ever actually sink in? Since the crib, almost finished nursery (just a couple things left to hang on the walls- blog post will follow completion!), and closet full of baby clothes hasn't done the trick yet, maybe Bennett installing the carseat will! I keep telling him we need to go ahead and get that bad boy situated. They say you can never be over dressed or over educated {to which I agree}, I'd add or over prepared. I always prefer to be done way ahead of time! And since I still have that gut feeling that she will be a week or so early, I want to make sure everything is 100% ready asap! On that note, I really really do hope she comes around the 38-39 week mark. Things are starting to get prettyyyyyyy uncomfortable in this belly. I won't lie, up until about the past week I have thought at times "Yeah this whole pregnancy thing gets uncomforatble occasionally but this really isn't that bad, I don't know why women say it's as hard as they do". Well well well, has this last week told me a different story. I am officially starting to feel the "pressure" that women speak of. I literally feel at times that my belly is just going to completely pop like a balloon when pushed with a straight pin. On top of that, one of little Caroline's body parts seems to find a very comfortable home right under the right side of my ribs any time I sit for longer than 10 minutes. Sitting down these days is an absolute nightmare due to that. Standing up is a nightmare due to the belly pressure. I find myself most comfortable laying on my side.... too bad that's not exactly an option for the whole day. haha.

The other night, Bennett called me to the front door and said "OH man babe come here you gotta see this!"... Once I rolled off the bed {that's pretty much the only way to get up these days} and got to the door, I saw literally dozens and dozens and dozens of fireflies just lighting up the night! He and I both immediately started reminiscing to when we were kids and would get so excited about catching fireflies {I always called them "Lightning Bugs"} at night. I can remember putting them in a glass with some plastic wrap on top. Mom and Dad would always punch holes in the wrap for me "so they could breathe". Then, I'd put the glass on my nightstand and go to sleep! {btw- am I the only one who always woke up to dead lightning bugs in the morning?} Then over the weekend while we were out and about running errands, I wondered over to the book section of Mast General Store. I'm trying to build Caroline's little book collection and thought I'd see what they had, when I ran across "The Poky Little Puppy"....a book that I know if I read once, I literally read 100 times as a child! When I say "I read", I suppose I technically mean Mom read to me. Although she will tell you that I pretty much memorized every book cover to cover before I could even read myself. "The Poky Little Puppy" was one of my mom's favorite books as a little girl, then one of mine, and now it is sitting on Caroline's bookshelf.... hopefully to be one of hers as well!! I bring up the fireflies {lightning bugs} and Poky Little Puppy to say that I love thinking about the fact that I am about to have the greatest opportunity to create memories with my baby daughter as she grows up and hope that one day, she looks outside her front door to lightning bugs or comes across the Poky Little Puppy  book and is reminded of the memories we were able to make and gets a big smile on her face just like I did :)

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