Thursday, June 13, 2013

32 Weeks: Showering Caroline

This is a week that I actually cannot believe is here- 32 weeks. You know how you always have some sort of time frame in your head where you think to yourself "Man, wonder what it'll be like once I get to (fill in blank)". For example, when I was a pre-teen and early teen I always daydreamed about what I would be like once I turned 17. No reason why. Nothing astronomically important happens at 17. But for some reason, that was just "the age" I always looked forward to and "wondered what I would be like" at. Well, same goes for 32 weeks pregnant. Why 32 weeks? No clue. But for some reason I can just remember even when I first found out I was pregnant, thinking to myself "Wonder what it will be like when I'm 32 weeks pregnant... that's far away though... but I can't wait to be 32 weeks pregnant." And now here I am. A whopping 32 weeks pregnant with big belly and set of ta-ta's to prove it. WOWZERS. I cannot believe how fast time is passing by! To answer my question to myself of "wonder what it will feel like", for the most part I still feel really great! I have been {knock on wood} fortunate to have quite an enjoyable pregnancy experience. Lately my biggest complaint is that little Caroline likes to wedge her foot under my ribs on the right side and it hurts BAD. I'm also getting a little heated more than usual. And actually, I experienced my feet slightly swelling for the first time on Tuesday.... that was not fun. Oh and then there's still that pesky heartburn lingering around. Zantac 150 is my best friend right now. Aside from those things- I'm just peachy. It all seems like a small price to pay when I think of the precious blessing that we will be holding in our arms in just a matter of weeks! I have this lingering inclination that she is going to come early... like a week or two early. I have no reasoning on which to base this- just a gut instinct. We will see :)

{Another mirror pic this week since I'm out of town... I'll be glad to get back to the chalkboard!}

Last Saturday was a big day for baby girl! Her Aunt Whitney threw just the most fabulous shower at Great Aunt Kimmy's house. We had a blast with family and some of our closest friends. Every little detail was absolutely beautiful and perfect. I was just so overwhelmed with happiness and joy to know that Caroline already has so many people that love her before she is even here... she is such a lucky little girl!
{Love these two. Marty made quite the drive just to be there to celebrate with us, and she ended up getting to feel Caroline kick! And my sweet sister worked so hard to make it just the perfect day!}

We are blessed to have received SO MANY AMAZINGGGG gifts at our shower. I hate that I didn't even have time to organize/put things away since we got home Sunday from Georgia- I had to back my bags and fly right to Richmond for the week so everything is still currently piled in Caroline's room awaiting my return {see pic below}. I have to say though that of all the wonderful things we received, my absolute favorite gift is the pearl bracelet that my Aunt A {Caroline's Great Aunt A} strung for Caroline using my Great Granny's {Caroline's Great GREAT Granny's} pearls. What a special special gift that I know I will certainly cherish forever and I know that Caroline will as well. Family heirlooms are the best kind of treasure. I'm getting teary just typing about how special that gift was/is to me!
{That's alot of love we received!!! Can't wait to get back get to organizing!}
{Love this. Just love this}
As the days and weeks pass by, my heart just grows more and more full of love for this precious baby girl growing inside of me. More than I can even count on a daily basis, I get lost in daydreams about my sweet little Caroline Anne. Everyday I pray that God will help me to show her the most Godly example I can of how to be a wife and mother, how to love Him, how to love others, how to be kind but not a pushover, strong but not hard headed, and how to grow to be the wonderful woman that she was created to be. I'm so excited for the journey that is ahead of myself and Bennett, and cannot wait to be Smith- party of 3 :)

PS- Two things I'm really looking forward to this week. #1- My Aunt Deb finds out the gender of her little one today.. I'm rooting for pink!! #2- Saturday we have birthing class.... bring on the breathing exercises!

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