Thursday, August 1, 2013

39 Weeks: So CLOSE!!!!!!

39 Weeks today and I just absolutely cannot believe it! I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. In the spirit of total honesty, I also kind of cannot believe that I am still pregnant. haha. After we found out I was already dilated so early, I started thinking that maybe we were going to have ourselves a little July baby girl, but it looks like she wants to be an August baby! Every morning this week when we wake up, Bennett looks at me and says "Welp, we didn't have a baby last night". He is at the point now of being just as ready/anxious as I am! Both of us just cannot wait to finally be able to meet our precious little Caroline. We've spent countless hours since December daydreaming about what she will be like.... and we are finally about to be able to find out!! Her 4D ultrasound pics are on our fridge, and the other day I caught Bennett looking at them. When I walked up, he looked at me with a big smile on his face and said "I mean, if she was that cute at 28 weeks, what is she going to look like when she comes out?!?" Melted my heart a little bit, I gotta say.
I've heard horror stories about what most women feel like at this stage of their pregnancy. Rightfully so, I've been extra nervous as to what the last couple of weeks will be like. I think maybe I'm lucky because for the most part, I still feel like my chipper ole self! Don't get me wrong, the belly definitely feels like at any moment it could just literally explode. I like to compare it to when you're a kid and you blow bubbles with your mouthful of bubble gum... it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until POP. Yeah, some days I do feel like my skin might do just that, POP.  My suggestion for belly pressure relief this late in the game, swim swim swim your heart out! The swimming pool has been a GODSEND for this pregnant lady. I honestly think that I can attribute my "good feeling-ness" at this stage in the game to staying as active as possible. While it is definitely harder to get around these days, {I like to think my new theme song is twist of the wobble, my version is "Waddle baby waddle baby waddle baby waddle baby"} I make sure to get some exercise as much as possible, even though lately that just means a brisk walk downtown... makes me feel so much better!!!!

Despite what small discomforts I experience now during the homestretch, or the major discomforts I experience during labor, I know it is all going to be worth it when we finally have sweet Caroline here! Thinking about seeing her little face for the first time gives me goosebumps all over my body. I even can't wait to hear what her little cry sounds like! I know that God planned for this precious baby girl to come into the world, the timing for her to come, that Bennett and I would be her parents, and that He already has a great and perfect plan for her life. I absolutely cannot wait to see what that plan is and to love her more and more every single day. Caroline Anne Smith, your mommy and daddy CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU!

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