Thursday, August 8, 2013

8.8.13- Caroline's Due Date

I am sitting here on what was the most anticipated day. August 8, 2013. The day that a precious miracle of life was "due" to enter the world. I am totally overcome with emotion as I stare down at my Caroline Anne, snoozing away in my lap on her 6th day of life. Saturday, August 3,2013 is a day that changed my life forever and for all the right reasons. I now know that it is impossible to understand the love that a parent has for a child until you hold that precious baby for the first time. I've often heard new mothers say that they feel like their heart might explode and now I totally understand why. I also totally understand every bit of "over protectiveness" my mom and dad had (and still have) for me. I understand why people upload dozens of pictures of their children onto social media (I am now one of those people). I understand now that your heart really does grow when you parent a child and that every single bit of uncomfort, lack of energy, hormonal craziness, etc that you experience while pregnant is a small small price to pay for the great reward of life that comes with it all. I am so thankful that when God heard mine and Bennett's "plan" of waiting several years to have a baby, He smiled and said "I have a better plan" Thank you Lord for your perfect, precious blessings. I feel honored and quite frankly, unworthy of this most special gift from above.

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