Thursday, March 28, 2013

21 Weeks: A Happy Pregnant Lady

21 weeks today and never have I been happier to be pregnant! It is absolutely amazing the increased amount of movement I am feeling each and every day- she's an active little thing in there! I have it down to pretty much an exact science of when she is going to be playing around  throughout the day, but sometimes she surprises me.... today I was in a meeting for work and could not hardly focus because I was so in the moment of enjoying feeling my little Caroline move around. Poor Bennett is still waiting for his turn to feel her move, but I cannot wait until he can experience it too. The bump continues to grow... and so does everything else {I know I know, that is just part of it}. Good news is, there is absolutely no excuse now for people to not immediately be able to tell that I am with child. It seems this has cut down on the number of retailers who feel the need to inform me that I have gained weight {or as one man so eloquently put it, "padded"}. They congratulate me instead... now THAT is appropriate.
{Chalkboardless this week- it is still packed up until tomorrow}
This weekend was an exciting one for sure. Not only did we move out of The Lofts, but Caroline had her very first shower on Sunday! My dear friend Emily is moving to Japan {tear, I can't think about it} and was so sweet to host that very special day for Caroline before she moves in about one week. We had so much fun talking about what is to come and learning from Mom and Mrs. Kerr who have both birthed and raised 4 children {kudos to them- that equals over 3 years of their life spent pregnant!!}. Although I will say that they included some details which made me oh just a tad bit nervous for the big delivery and aftermath, and I think made my poor sister {Whitney literally gets anxiety over the idea of enduring childbirth... I'm talking breaks out in hives} almost faint. Aside from leaving with lots of new knowledge that you don't exactly read in the books, we left with some great new goodies for sweet Caroline! I absolutely cannot wait to put her little room and closet's going to be a room fit for a princess- for OUR princess!!!
{I love my sweet friend!}

How far along? 21 weeks today
Total weight gain? Wait for it..... 12 pounds.... And I suppose it could be worse. Bennett was talking to a nurse in one of his offices the other day and she gained EIGHTY pounds during her pregnancy. So, yeah if that is my benchmark... then I'm doing juuuust fine.
Maternity Clothes? I have a pair of skinny black maternity pants that I wear almost every other day {and I think I will continue to do so even after pregnancy, those things are comfy}. I also wear my Gap maternity leggings alot. Thankfully I can still wear my normal pants with the bella band, and have been buying non maternity shirts that are just bigger in size and/or a baggy fit.
Sleep? I've surprisingly been sleeping WONDERFULLY. Poor Bennett is still getting the short end of the stick when it come to that. I think he eventually will become sleep deprived enough that he moves to the spare bedroom once I fall asleep... or maybe he'll just make me sleep on the couch... I gotta be honest though, I feel like after a certain point I probably won't fit on the couch?
Best moment this week? Celebrating our sweet girl on Sunday with some of my favorite ladies!
Miss anything? I miss shopping for normal clothes :( 
Food cravings? I'm honestly not really having any cravings anymore. My apetite has just greatly increased.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I actually had my first "run to the bathroom and get sick" experience on Tuesday night. It was random, and out of nowhere. After I "got sick" I felt like a million bucks... who knows!

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