Thursday, March 7, 2013

18 Weeks: Sweet Caroline

I am still absolutely ecstatic about the fact that our little baby is a GIRL. Talk about the biggest surprise of my life. I had myself totally and completely convinced that there was a little boy swimming around in my womb. For a while, I went back and forth on girl or boy. First I thought boy, then for about 2 weeks I thought girl, and then it was back to 100% boy. I can not even count the number of dreams I had leading up to the big gender reveal. All kinds of crazy dreams about learning the gender.... Saturday though was definitely the BEST dream come true! It took a minute for it to sink in when I saw those pink balloons because I was so shocked. Actually it even was a little strange because I felt that I had already connected with my "son" in my womb {moms/pregnant ladies out there, does that make sense?} I'd be lying if I didn't say though that I absolutely 100% was longing for a sweet little girl. Often times, as I prayed for Baby Smith, I would put in a special request to God to make "it" be a girl. This would make me laugh to myself because I know that her little gender had been decided at conception... but I prayed for that nonetheless! Truthfully, even as I laid on the ultrasound table and the tech was writing down in the "secret envelope" what Baby Smith was- I silently said that prayer again to myself, I prayed specifically that little Caroline Anne Smith would be the one in there. Still, though, I just "knew" that she was a boy.
{18 week Bump}
{Bennett holding the envelope!}

After we left the ultarsound, I was actually very surprised at the amount of self control both Bennett and I had- we didn't even try to peek one time to find out what she was! {By the way, Bennett "knew" all along that she was a girl. I gotta say, he is going to be the BEST Daddy to a sweet little princess. He says he is excited about the fact that he "now has 2 girls to spoil"} I am so glad that we ended up waiting to find out until the party on Saturday with our family and friends. I was even a little concerned that when we took the big box to Party City Saturday morning and explained what we wanted them to do, they would not cooperate. But they thought it was so fun and exciting! Mom, Marty, and I handed them the envelope- told them that we wanted the box filled with either pink or blue balloons depending on what it said inside, left, and returned about one hour later to pick it up! That will forever remain one of the most special days of my entire life. THANK YOU to those who were here to share that special time with us!
 {Mom wore pink, she was right!!}
{Love my MeeMaw and Paw. Caroline's middle name, Anne, is after my sweet MeeMaw}

Once the gender reveal party was over, we headed out to start little Caroline's wardrobe! Holy Moly there are SO MANY precious things for little girls. She already has quite the little collection going, and I think I have gone through to just look in awe at each of them no less than twenty times already. She is going to be the most beautiful and beautifully dressed baby ever! {I might be a little biased}

{First few purchases}

We are with Sweet Caroline already. I love that we can call her by name, and find myself dreaming about what she will be like once she arrives. It is so much easier to slip into daydream mode now that we know what she is. Bennett and I have so much fun talking about what life will be like once we have her here. Last night, I realized that this time in about 2 years, she and I will be able to start Mommy and Me gymnastics!!!!
{We love you, Caroline Anne}

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