Thursday, February 28, 2013

17 weeks: Pink or Blue Guess Whooooo

Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow we're only a day away! Tomorrow morning at 11:00 we have our 3D ultrasound to see this little bundle of joy and for the gender determination! However, we will not actually be finding out the gender tomorrow. The plan {as long as we can maintain self control} is for the ultrasound tech to write boy or girl on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. We will not find out until Saturday afternoon with some of our closest friends and family at our Gender Reveal party! I am super excited about waiting until Saturday to find out. Funny enough, that was actually my idea! It is Bennett that was a bit opposed to it at first {he said he just couldn't wait another day}, and to be quite honest I'm a little worried he is going to try to take a peek into the envelope when I am not looking... I better keep that thing under lock and key! I am taking the day off of work tomorrow {hallelujah} so I am super excited about a nice Friday getting ready for our guests! I can tell the baby is really growing lately. Not only do I have the hiccups every 5 minutes {not joking} but I feel like my bump is making significant strides toward actually looking pregnant. Actually, one of my retailers this week- an Indian gentleman- said to me as soon as I walked into his store "Congratulations". I just went about my business and laughed it off {if you had my job, you'd understand that you really just never know what is going to come out of people's mouth}. Also, I should mention that my "belly" was no where near showing. As a matter of fact, I had on a black pea coat and it was buttoned up... not a bit preggers looking! Anyway, he later went on to ask me if I heard him congratulate me. I responded that I did but was unsure what he was referring to. He then said "You are pregnant, are you not?". Shocked, I told him that I was {I say shocked because I have only told literally 4 friends from work that I am pregnant}. He laughed and said he just "has a gift" and could tell immediately. I like to think maybe it was the pregnant glow :) Oh and I cannot forget, he said he also has the gift of gender determination... So for what it's worth, Sam Patel votes boy.

 {The BUMP}
I'm not going to post too much more because I am definitely going to do a big post this weekend once we get the exciting news!! So I'll just end with some pics of us getting ready for our Gender Reveal.. We cannot WAIT to find out. And I'm curious to know.... what do all of you think Baby Smith is?!?!
{Bennett covering our big box for the balloons!}
{Pink or Blue Guess WHOOOO}

{SO love this precious invite that I ordered from a lady on Etsy!!}


  1. Lauren, I love your idea of this blog I wish that its something that I had done. There are so many special things that happen during a pregnacy and its just impossible to remember them all. Enjoy every moment of it because it goes by so fast and then baby gets here and it seems to go even faster. Congrats to you and your family:)
    P.s I carried Liam very similar to the way your baby bump seems to be growing so I vote boy!!!

    1. Thanks Tiffany! We are so excited! And I actually think it is a boy too :)