Thursday, February 21, 2013

16 Weeks: The He/She Countdown!!

Today I am a very happy 16 weeks pregnant! More than that though, I am absolutely ecstatic that we are just NINE DAYS away from finding out if Baby Smith is a he or she! It is going to be nice to finally be able to call the baby by name, rather than "it" {or jellybean, peanut, etc}.This past week was a big one... While I had been able to feel a slight "flutter" in my tummy right around the 15 week mark, I've been feeling more and more movement over recent days!! I've determined that little baby Smith loves pancakes because after I had those Sunday morning I felt so much movement in there! Felt like the little thing was tumbling all over the place.... I love it. I am absolutely counting down until Bennett can feel the movement too, I'm sure it is only a matter of time! We received some advice recently that before our 3D ultrasound {next Friday at 11:00am}, I should eat something that will make it move around alot so that we can really see the little guy/girl in action.... Pancakes it is!
While I am still wearing my "regular" clothes, I have started to slowly but surely alter my wardrobe. It is safe to say that over 1/2 of my tops currently do not fit due to the recent enlargement of "the ladies" {if ya catch my drift}.  I have definitely had to purchase some tops lately that allow for more room up there. I won't complain though, I'll take any excuse to go shopping. Thankfully, so will my husband. In addition to the tops, I've also put the "bella band" into almost daily play. All of my pants still zip, button, etc... but they are slightly uncomfortable when I am sitting down or after I eat too much {which is pretty much every meal lately!}. Another thing I have found that I love is the "rubberband trick"... loop a rubberband through and let that bad boy hold your jeans/pants together- magic!! Also, I am fortunate that one of my most favorite friends is now the manager of one of my most favorite boutiques {Fab'rik-Charlotte.. click here to check it out!}. Sara has been doing a great job informing me of any new arrivals that she thinks will be able to grow with me throughout the pregnancy. I am determined to have a trendy bump!!

{Sara and Me- wearing a Fab'rik top of course!}

Before I end this week, I just have to document this sweet thing that my husband said. As we were snuggling up on the couch the other night watching one of my fav movies that was on TV {Enchanted- how could you not love that movie?!}..
Bennett - "I wish the baby was here and was about 4 years old already"
Me- "What?! Don't say that!! It's going to grow up too fast!!"
Bennett- "Yeah, I know... but I'm just excited to be able to have family movie night!!"

{Sigh, I love that handsome man}

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