Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello, Second Trimester!

14 weeks today means we are in the second trimester, people! So I'm {already} 1/3 of the way through the pregnancy, how is that possible?! I feel like just yesterday we were at the doctor for our first appointment with my list of 50 questions. I asked everything you could possibly think of... Are you sure I'm really pregnant? Can I still have feta cheese? What about splenda? Do I really have to stop eating sushi? Is it okay to do squats? Can I color my hair? Whiten my teeth? Tan? And those were just the start of it. My only question these days though is why why WHY is the mere thought of chicken making me nauseous? I don't get it, and I don't like it. I'm hoping "this too shall pass". Oh and I'd like to add a couple of things about this week's chalkboard picture: #1- I could not help but notice that it looks as if I am attempting a pageant swimsuit pose- leaned back, leg out, etc. That is not the case. I was actually leaned against the wall because my heels {dang those heels} were already bothering me at 7:00 this morning. After the photo I immediately changed into flats. #2- I promise I'm going to start standing sideways so that we can get the "belly shot"... as soon as I have a noticeable belly, that is. Bennett and I can both already tell that a little baby bump has {maybe possibly} arrived. However, right now when I am clothed, it just looks like I ate a few too many Thanksgiving dinners {seriously}. I am SO READY to feel my little baby bump! I did try out the bella band once this week though, just to see how I liked it. I think that little thing is going to be my best friend! I'm actually going to go ahead and make the executive decision that the next time I wear these red pants, it will probably have to be with the band.... they were TIGHT today.
My Homemade {smelly} Belly Butter:
I have obviously already begun my quest to prevent the possibility of stretch marks arriving while my sweet little baby grows in my belly. As soon as we found out there was a bun in the oven, I started using the old faithful "Palmers Cocoa Butter" as well as some "Burt Bees Mommy Oil". Recently, a friend of mine who owns a baby boutique gave me some samples of a wonderful cream from Noodle & Boo. She swears that it was her saving grace during her pregnancy. I wanted to keep testing out new ideas, though so that's when I found this homemade belly butter recipe. Some celebs love it and with the ingredients that it called for, I figured there is no way it will not work. I've been using it now for all of two days so stay tuned for the final verdict of how great {or not great} it is. If you're interested, you can find the recipe here. Be warned: it does NOT smell pleasant. As a matter of fact, Bennett would tell you it smells quite disgusting. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?!
The "magic" ingredients

Mixing it all up!
How far along? 14 weeks today
Total weight gain? 4 pounds so far
Maternity Clothes? Not yet! But I did purchase some of the Gap Maternity Leggings that I have heard so many wonderful things about!
Sleep? I'm sleeping wonderful! {I do wake up around 4-5 every morning for a potty break} Bennett, however probably cannot say the same. Apparently I move around ALOT now. The other morning he told me I was moving my arms and legs all around in the air... But it made since because I had a dream that night that I was trying out to be a Falcons Cheerleader! {Totally serious}. If you're wondering, yes I did make the team.
Best moment this week? I'd say every morning when Bennett wakes up and talks to my tummy. It's the sweetest thing and I think I fall in love with him all over again each time he does it :)
Miss anything? Today I miss having {lots and lots} of coffee. It was just one of those days that a little caffeine boost would have done a gal some good.
Food cravings? FRUIT. I literally just ate about half of a cantaloupe while typing this.
Anything making you queasy or sick? An empty stomach has been a recipe for disaster from the beginning, and now you can definitely add any type of chicken to that list. Eat more chicken = NOT LAUREN.
Gender? Stay tuned! We find out on March 1 and have our Gender Reveal Party on March 2... yay!!!!

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