Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Happiest Valentines Day

15 weeks today, a doctor appointment to see how this sweet little baby is doing, and first married Valentines day with the love of my life- What. A. GREAT. Day. Seriously though, I'm going to take some time to be sappy for a minute here because I absolutely cannot get over with how overwhelmingly full my heart is this Valentines Day. "My cup runneth over". Not only have I completely fallen in love with this precious miracle of life that is growing inside of my belly, but something about knowing that my husband and I are the reason this little baby is inside of me, makes me fall more {if possible} in love with him as well. It's a hard thing to explain but I feel like the last few weeks we have grown incredibly closer through this whole pregnancy process. My heart falls more and more in love with his every single day. I cannot even imagine what it will be like when little Baby Smith finally makes his/her grand debut! Aaaaaaaand now I am tearing up {Thank You, super sensitive emotional pregnancy hormones!!!}
{Can you see a little BUMP has arrived?!?}

Pickles, Munchkins, and Grapes OH MYI've always heard that pregnancy brings about very intense cravings. Um, can we say understatement? My cravings are more like, "if I do not get this in the next 5 minutes I am not going to be happy and neither is anyone else around me and furthermore if I eat anything but this I think I will be sick". Yeah, I'm serious. Examples: Bennett and I left the gym last Friday and immediately a craving for Dunkin Donuts Munchkins hit me. Those of you that know me know that I do not at all normally eat things like this on a daily basis- much less have an insatiable craving for them? Weird. Not as weird, however, as the fact that I've been eating an average of about 5 dill pickle spears daily this week. Each one only has about 5 calories {luckily} so I just chow down on those bad boys totally guilt free! Confession- I even have desires to DRINK THE PICKLE JUICE. Something is not right there. That's just strange. And finally, my last major craving these days is for grapes. Red, not green. And in large quantities. Again it is the same, "If I don't get grapes now it's gonna be bad" desire. I suppose I should be counting my blessings that I'm not craving like a Grape Stuffed Munchkin drenched in pickle juice, right?
{This jar has about 3 pickles left and I bought it 2 days before, eek}

How far along? 15 weeks today
Total weight gain? 4 pounds so far, but I have a doctor app this morning and the scale there is never afraid to go up...
Maternity Clothes? The main thing I have had to make some adjustments with lately are my tops. I am convinced that I am currently the proud home to the biggest set of TaTa's this side of the Mississippi.
Sleep? Me = still sleeping great. Husband = still annoyed by my new found weird sleeping habits.
Best moment this week? Today, Valentine's Day, because I really do feel like the luckiest lady in the world for so many reasons.
Miss anything? I {seriously} considered asking our server at dinner the other night if I could have a very dirty VIRGIN martini. Only because I so love the taste of dirty martinis!!!  
Food cravings? Pickles, Munchkins, and Grapes as you just read
Anything making you queasy or sick? Still fighting the chicken battle. Sigh.
Gender? Stay tuned! We find out on March 1 and have our Gender Reveal Party on March 2... yay!!!!


  1. I was so expecting to have cravings like that! And was kind of disappointed when I never really did. There was one time when I REALLY wanted blueberry waffles with Aunt Jemima syrup (when usually I'm a syrup snob and only like real Vermont maple)... And a couple times when I really wanted the saltiness of McD's fries. But otherwise? I've been kinda boring. Those pickles do look pretty good right now though :) Congrats on having such a full and happy VDay!

  2. Something about saltiness and pregnancy really just seem to go hand in hand don't they?! My advice- stay away from the pickles or else you will be severely addicted!!! Hahaha! How far along are you? Happy Valentines to you ma'am!!!