Thursday, March 21, 2013

20 Weeks: A Special Post for our Half Way Mark!

Today marks the official 1/2 way point of the pregnancy, and I absolutely cannot believe it! In 140 days {give or take a few I suppose}, we will finally get to meet this precious little girl that has already completely stolen our hearts! On one hand, thinking about "only" 140 days makes me ridiculously beyond excited- and on the other it makes me ridiculously beyond nervous..... so much to do before Sweet Caroline arrives! We will be moved into our new place soon which means we will finally be able to start her nursery. I think I'll probably just sit in there and think about what it will be like once we have her here. Bennett already will find me just staring at her little clothes {she already has QUITE a few} and smiling all to myself.... I just can't help it!! I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up just dressing her up and taking her picture multiple time per day. I'll go ahead and apologize for flooding all of your facebooks and instagrams in advance!
{The Man Behind the Bump}
Recently I started thinking to myself that there is someone who is a very important part of this whole pregnancy thing and he doesn't exactly get as much attention as Caroline and I have been getting lately. He makes me the luckiest wife in the whole world and Caroline the luckiest daughter in the whole world... he is Bennett, of course! 

Just over two years ago- I was graduating from the University of Georgia, Bennett was graduating from Dallas Baptist University {in Texas}, and both of us were about to begin our first "grown up" jobs with Altria Group Distribution Company.... as big bad tobacco sales reps. {for all of you who did not know this, yes I still work for the company, no Bennett does not, yes my company is better known as Phillip Morris, no I don't deliver product, and no I have not seen the movie "Thank You for Smoking"}. Who knew that both of us taking jobs which neither of our parents exactly approved of {I thought my Mom was going to have a nervous breakdown when I told her... Love you Mom} would end in the two of us finding each other, falling ridiculously stupidly in love, one big cross country move for Bennett, a wedding I've always dreamed of, and now a sweet baby girl on the way.... all in under 2.5 years?! {I believe "WOW" is an understatement here}. The truth is, I thank God every single day for every single day that I have been blessed to spend with this man and would not change one bit of anything that has happened.

When Bennett and I first started dating, I remember telling my Mom and a few close friends that I felt as though God had given me a piece of paper- told me to write down every single quality I would want in a spouse, and then created Bennett from what I listed on that paper. Corny? Maybe, sorry. But so so true. I don't exactly have the best history with choosing great guys {lets be honest though- we all made mistakes in college, right?}, so the fact that I finally ended up with someone like Bennett still blows my mind. He is my support on a hard day, my comedian when I need a good laugh, my housekeeper when my pregnant energy has me down, my dance partner when I want to two step, my shopping buddy when I need {ok, want} new clothes, my masseuse when my pregnant back hurts, my dishwasher after I cook dinner, the source of my smile, and my very best friend. I absolutely cannot imagine going through life or embarking on the journey of parenthood with anyone besides him. He has been such a trooper throught this whole pregnancy so far. Poor guy probably has not had a decent night sleep in 20 weeks {he even bought me a body pillow the other day in hopes that it would help me sleep rather than waking him dozens of times a night by throwing my legs on him.. oops!!!}. Truth is, I absolutely adore every single thing about this man that I get to call my husband and am thankful more than words that Caroline is blessed with such a wonderful Daddy. I get butterflies in my tummy and tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Thank you, Bennett for making life so much easier by letting me spend it with YOU!
{He really is going to be the BEST dad, and the most handsome!!}

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