Thursday, April 4, 2013

22 Weeks: Lauren's Version of What to Expect

22 Weeks! This has been a really big huge awesome wonderful week for the Smith family, because Bennett got to feel our precious little daughter move for the very first time! Over the past couple weeks, her movement has become more frequent and much more pronounced, and I have loved getting to feel her more and more every single day. However, poor Bennett would sometimes feel left out {bless his heart}. She has gotten on somewhat of a schedule as far as movement patterns go- after I eat breakfast, around 2:00/3:00 in the afternoon, and right around bedtime between 9:30-11:00- and it is always at nighttime that I can feel her the most. So, every night for the past 2 weeks-ish when we lay down to bed and she is just a moving around, I put Bennett's hand on my tummy. You know, just in case that night happens to be THE NIGHT that she gives us a really big kick and he gets to feel her. Well, every night {until this week, at least} I feel her move, look at Bennett with big eyes, and ask "Did you feel that?!?!" and every night it is the same response, "Nope!!!" {as he then loses hope and moves his hand}. So this past Tuesday night was no different. I put Bennett's hand on my tummy {because I swear that I was feeling her from the outside and not just the inside}. After about 5 minutes of waiting patiently {something he is not that great at}, I felt her kick and before I could get the words "Did you feel that?!?!" out of my mouth, I heard "OMG I think I just felt her!!! Awww hey Caroline, it's your Daddy!!". It was the sweetest little moment that I don't think either of us ever will forget.... something about that just still gives me goosebumps on my arms. Love.

When we first found out that I was pregnant, I remember feeling a little bit sad that I do not have that many "mommy" friends. I have a small {very, very small} handful of girlfriends with sweet little ones, and that is all. Well something is IN THE WATER for sure because so many people are expecting these days and I. Love. It. Some old friends, some new friends, some have made it public, some have not, and I am just literally beside myself overjoyed for all of them. That being said, I thought it might be nice to give the "Lauren's Version of the First 22 Weeks"... you know, the stuff that you don't necessarily read in the "What to Expect" books, or Baby Center website.

What I've Learned #1: Just give me a sandwich and no one gets hurt
Ok, so I have always heard that your appetite gets bigger when you're with child. But for some extremely odd and self-admittedly haughty reason, I always thought to myself "Oh those women just use it as an excuse to eat more, it's in their head, that won't happen to me" blah blah blah blah.... WHOA NELLY was I wrong {or maybe this is just payback for those evil, evil thoughts}. Before pregnancy, it was a good day if I left the house in the morning with a banana or apple for breakfast, then most days I wouldn't stop for lunch until about 3:00 which is when I would eat some sort of version of a tiny salad, soup, or maybe even just a protein bar, then after work I'd head straight to the gym for some sort of grueling workout, come home and have fish with veggies for dinner, and that would be it.... Yeah, the thought of doing that now is laughable. Not only do I now eat breakfast, but I have to have a light snack between each meal or else it gets ugly. And the thought having only a salad before I workout? HA! Give me a sandwich for lunch people... and give it to me now or I will bite the head off of every single person in this room. Seriously, what is it about being hungry when you're pregnant that makes you want to become the Incredible Hulk's sister? And this started pretty much immediately after we found out the big news. I'm sure my family remembers our trip to the Nutcracker at Christmas-time... I ate an entire bucket of popcorn. By myself. Before the show even started.
  Pregnancy Must Have: A lunchbox stocked full with snacks at all times

What I've Learned #2: Me hungry me eat... baby?
Speaking of eating..... I know I have been eating alot lately but this past weekend I was thought by a certain little person to have eaten something that I definitely did not... a baby? My step sister's adorable little son, Hunter literally was absolutely terrified of me. While she and my mom were trying to explain that I had a baby inside my tummy, somehow someway the message got across to him that I ate the baby and that is how it ended up in my tummy. He spent the rest of the day running from me whenever I came near, and telling his mom that he was afraid of me. And don't worry, it gets better... the next day when Ashley {my step sister} was asking him something about me, he so nicely said to her "Oh you mean the zombie?!" Who knew that pregnant ladies morph into zombies that eat babies.
  Pregnancy Must Have: Some sort of book to explain being pregnant to small children

What I've Learned #3: Brushing my teeth looks like a murder scene
I have always liked to think that I take impeccable care of my teeth. You can pretty much qualify me as a "serial brusher". I don't even know how many times I brush my teeth per day, but it is alot. I am a big, big fan of beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile. That being said, clearly my "good oral hygiene" is no match for pregnancy hormones. Something extremely awful happens in my mouth every time I brush my teeth these days. My gums bleed and bleed like nothing I have ever seen before. This is weird, scary, and quite honestly pretty disgusting. However, apparently this is something that happens to tons of pregnant women. Go figure, I thought I would be the exception to that rule... boy was I wrong. Oral health when you are pregnant is a very, very tricky thing!
  Pregnancy Must Have: More than just your bi-annual dental visit

What I've Learned #4: Kids Adults say the darndest things
"You've gained weight, you must be eating something besides celery". "You've padded a little". "Ooooh you just look so much healthier now that you have filled out". "I was starting to thing that marriage was just being really good to you." "I just thought you needed to do some extra crunches." ....... You thought I needed to do some extra crunches? Nope, I am pregnant- what is your excuse?! I literally have been astonished at all of the things that have come out of people's mouths the past couple of months. I literally heard every single one of those quotes by full grown adults who clearly have absolutely no filter. On what planet is it ok to tell a woman that she has gained weight?! The best though is the things that people say once they find out that it is because you are pregnant. Like, "I just thought you needed to do some extra crunches."- WHY IN THE WOLRD would you say that to someone that you just found out is carrying another human being inside of her? All of these people are just lucky that I have a little bit of tact and did not give them the "what for". Maybe this whole "no filter" thing is a widespread issue, or maybe I'm just surrounded by rude people. Either way- pregnant women be warned... and don't let it hurt your feelings. You are creating what will be the most beautiful little creature ever, certainly more beautiful than whatever dufus feels the need to point out your recent extra pounds!
  Pregnancy Must Have: VERY. THICK. SKIN.

What I've Learned #5: Retail therapy ain't what it used to be
Sometimes I think I am a borderline shop-a-holic... Joking... {kind of}. Seriously though what red blooded woman doesn't love anything more than having herself some new duds? Well, I really love it alot {I'm also very fortunate to have a hubby who enjoys shopping about as much as I do}. I also love nothing more than undergoing a little retail therapy after an especially hard day/week. Talk about turn that frown upside down. When you're pregnant though.... it just is not quite the same. I have a serious issue shelling out tons of money on clothes that I am only going to wear for a few months. And for some reason it seems that as far as maternity clothes go, if it is not super expensive... it looks like a straight up homely gross TENT. I've tried being creative as possible when it comes to just buying things in larger sizes, etc but still... I don't want to spend good money on something that is two sizes too big!! Frustrating. I've lucked out with buying things online, from boutiques who will ship to me, etc., but I'm not that great with delayed gratification. The point of retail therapy is instant gratification, right? GOOD NEWS: being pregnant means there will soon be another person in this world to clothe, and believe it or not, you will enjoy shopping for them ten million times better than you enjoy shopping for yourself. I almost cannot step foot into a retail establishment without buying something for Caroline and I love it. There are no words to explain just how fun it is to prepare her little clothes collection before she gets here. She is a little fashionista in the making, and the best retail therapy money spent is that spent on sweet Caroline.
  Pregnancy Must Have: A  large closet for your bundle of joy
{We just moved into our new place and I couldn't resist the urge to hang up everything (even sleepers for some reason), I've also made several purchases since that picture..... it was a rough week}

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