Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 Weeks: Rutabaga Caroline

I cannot believe I am 25 weeks pregnant! According to my handy BabyCenter weekly update, sweet Caroline is currently about 1.5 pounds, weighing in at "the size of your average rutabaga". She is growing fast and time is literally FLYING BY. It sounds really really crazy to me to say that our precious little girl will be here in just 15 short weeks, AH! It gets more and more real every single day {probably because the belly grows more and more every single day}. I find it hilarious how the craziest things make me so excited for Caroline to be here. The other day Bennett and I were at Panera and this little baby was just crying and crying... which normally wouldn't have had an effect on me besides being slightly annoying.... but I just looked at Bennett and said "awwww listen to that little baby, it makes me so ready for her to be here!". To which he thought I was nuts. But seriously, in some weird way hearing a baby cry makes me even more excited to have Caroline! {Now, get back to me a few weeks after she is born and I am sure I will have a whole different opinion on baby crying} Something else I have noticed lately, is that I find both Bennett and myself literally staring at small children. For long periods of time. This gets kind of awkward at times. I'll all of a sudden realize that we are both just staring at some little baby with smiles on our faces.... sometimes it isn't even babies, but school age children.... I'm surprised parents don't find us extremely creepy and get out of our sight fast. We are literally FASCINATED by little ones now, and I love it!!! I look at little girls no matter what the age and think to myelf  "I wonder if that's what Caroline will be/look like??" Surely we are not the only first time parents to have gone through this "stare at children 24/7 phase"?? haha.

We have big things to look forward to in the coming weeks but I am hands down beside myself excited for Caroline's 4-D ultrasound! At our ultrasound a few weeks back, the tech did a little mini sneak peak 4-D ultrasound... couldn't really get the full effect since I wasn't quite as far along, so parts of her looked a little funny. But this time will be the real deal! I literally have dreams now about what it will be like to see our sweet girl in more detail, and to be able to see her little facial characteristics! Wonder who she will look like? I should also add that Bennett and I are making a bet on when we think that Caroline will make her grand entrance into this world. Sometimes I get flat out terrified that she will come like 4 weeks early and I won't be ready, or my water will break will I'm working or something, yikes. But, I think I've landed on the prediction that she will arrive on August 10. What does everyone think?!

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