Thursday, April 18, 2013

24 Weeks: Happy Little Moments

24 weeks today and 16 weeks away from meeting our sweet girl!! {Well, from our due date at least} Time is seriously flying by. I cannot believe how close we are getting to being able to hold Caroline Anne in our arms. Each day brings more and more movement inside my tummy. I have always heard from mommies how special it is when you feel your little one move in there but WOW- "how special", those words just do not seem to do it justice. Honestly, I don't think there even are words to describe how wonderful it is to feel her move during the day. Lately instead of feeling just general movement, I can put my hand on my tummy and clearly identify that I have felt one of her little limbs, etc. Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at Panera, up to my eyeballs in excel spreadsheets full of data {my version of hell} working on a never ending presentation, and all of a sudden she decided to just go to town in there moving around. I immiediately stopped what I was doing and just took the time to put my hands on my belly and enjoy that moment {which obviously she has moved tons before but her timing yesterday was impeccable}. It is funny how she is already making my day so much brighter and isn't even here yet, my mood was completely changed after that! I can only imagine how these happy litle moments are going to get better and better once she finally graces us with her presence.
Speaking of happy little moments, it is amazing how doing things to prepare for her arrival can literally make me the happiest gal around! For example, Bennett put her high chair together the other day and I seriously just sat and stared at it with a smile on my face! Oh and don't even get my started on painting her bedroom, which we finished over the weekend. Bennett was literally cracked up at my anticipation and excitement to get the heck home and get started once we picked the perfect color at Lowes {which is only 2 minutes down the street, thankfully because I might have burst with excitement had it been further away!}. We had such a great time together preparing her room. I should also add here that I do not believe it is a coincidence that the room color we picked was appropriately named "Princess" for our sweet Princess little girl!

Earlier this week, I received the sweetest email from my Meemaw {Caroline's great grandmother and who her middle name, Anne, is after}. I wanted to share a tidbit of it with the meaning of her name: Caroline Anne
Caroline is charming, childlike, sensitive, gentle, and a very capable
woman.  She is an extrovert, so she enjoys communication, attention,
seduction and is strikingly charming.  She dreams of taking centre stage in
front of an audience and animating the crowd with her presence and faculties
of self-expression.  She craves emotional security, hates monotony and
enjoys adventures and novelty.  Emotionally, she is pleasant and
good-natured, adds sugar and spice to any party, household or work place, is
an outstanding hostess and an excellent mother.  Of course, gentlemen, you
may be very tempted to try your luck.  However, be warned, she might behave
like an angel and she certainly looks like one, but she is anything but
docile and won't be easily seduced.  Whatever happens, be nice, because hell
hath no fury....! During childhood it
is important that her parents shower her with affection and help her to feel
secure, encourage her to be creative and cultivate her flair for language.
They should do their best to impart a sense of order and discipline,
qualities in which she can be more than slightly lacking.  Caroline loves
reading, however, her incessant chatter should be monitored closely if you
don't want to be surprised by an astronomical phone bill! I thought this
last sentence was cute and reminded me so much of you when you were growing loved to talk......I can still hear that sweet voice now!
Anne:  People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving
family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
They are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning.  They tend to
be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers.  Because they live so much
in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective.  Their solitary
thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem
aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.
As my sweet MeeMaw put it, "these two personality traits are bound to be a steering guide to keep Caroline on the right path through life!"

{Sweet little highchair}
{I wore this mask while we painted... just to be on the safe side!}
{You can't get the full effect of the paint color here, I plan to do a "nursery post" once the whole room is finished!}

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  1. The crazy thing is, you spend all that time feeling them moving and trying so hard to imagine what they will be like, and when they come out, it still completely blows your mind. I loved feeling her move :-)