Thursday, May 30, 2013

30 Weeks: Another word from the Husband

30 Weeks 30 Weeks 30 WEEKSSSSSSSS! How is this even possible? It seems like we were just at our very first ultrasound getting a glimpse our itty bitty baby that looked at the time to be a circus peanut {seriously}, I blinked my eyes, and now I have approximately 10 weeks to prepare for our lives to be completely changed forever! I think the words to describe how I {we} feel right now are excited, nervous, anxious, scared, emotional, happy... a whole bundle of feelings pretty much! Can all of you believe that Bennett and I are going to be PARENTS??????? Watch out world! I keep envisioning what it will be like when we are a little family of 3. I love thinking about us cuddling up on the couch with sweet little Caroline in our arms. I especially love thinking about dressing her up in the dozens and dozens of outfits that she has in her closet. The girl already has almost more clothes than me- lucky little lady! Caroline Anne Smith, you're mommy and daddy cannot WAIT to meet your precious little face and love you forever and ever!
{Apparently my hair has decided to turn red? Pregnancy Hormones? Blonde sneaking through? Both?Time to get an appointment!}

Hello all you faithful readers, this is the husband speaking, as I have been summoned by her heiness to fill in this week. Now, I know most of you out there are women and rightfully so because after all you share a common bond and that bond being the ability, anatomically speaking, to have a baby... but hang with me as much of the following will be from a male perspective. As a guy, I think of the important we have diapers? Check. Clothes? (far too many actually) Check. A bed for her to sleep in? Check. Lauren however, now she is the decorater extraordinare, and let me tell you we have done some decorating. We have the prettiest sheets, the nicest window accents and a brand new Pinterest inspired project hanging bedside the bed on the wall. At first, I really thought most of this was a shade over the top (after all she has no idea whats on her window)...but then it hit me, this phenomena that all parents share in.....wanting the best for their kid. Whatever your place in life, whatever your occupation, when your first baby comes along you just can't help but want to spoil it. Now, I find myself wanting more stuff for her room, more clothes in the closet, and as she grows older, more opportunities than even the immense amount that I had as a kid. I am 100% positive that this will only get more intense once I am holding the little one in my arms. One thing I have to say, pregnancy has given me a new respect for my wife. It doesn't seem that hard from the know, its all celebratory and cute when you first find out and begin to imagine what your first child will be like. However, as the months pass (and they go by quickly) things get pretty hard. She gets a big belly that makes it tough to tie her shoes, she falls asleep at 8 30 AND she gains baby weight (which even when you try to explain that it's BABY weight, it never seems to make her feel much better). You hear more than once, "I can't wait to get back in shape" or "Are you sure I don't look fat?" and all the while you think she's as pretty as she's ever been.  One of my favorite authors once said, "Marriage comes with a mop and a bucket" and I never understood that until now. It becomes your duty as a man to be a servant leader, someone not afraid to do the "womanly" stuff like clean the dishes and make dinner. In fact, as a Christian man, that's exactly what God calls us to and the funny part is, you actually find a lot of joy in these things. I have given so many back rubs so far in this pregnancy that I could win a very large amount of arcade tickets playing that "how strong is your grip game." In fact, when I shake hands with people now, I sometimes wonder if they think I chop lumber for a living! So, here we are. 10 weeks to go. I have learned a lot so far, but I know it's just the tip of the iceburg. The real learning curve will be upon her arrival....and I can't wait!

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