Thursday, May 23, 2013

29 Weeks: Who will Caroline look like?

29 Weeks today! I cannot believe I am almost to the "thirties"..... when we first found out I was pregnant, this all seemed so far away. Now here it is just about to slap us right in the face! 11 Weeks until Caroline arrives, 11 weeks until our us 2 becomes we 3, 11 weeks until we are PARENTS. Isn't it funny how life goes? If you would have asked me this time last year what we would be doing right now- I can 100% guarantee that the absolute last thing I would have said would be "getting ready for our baby girl to arrive!". Now though, I cannot imagine doing anything but just that! We are having so much fun preparing for our pretty little princess. Her little nursery is coming along quite nicely. The first "project" is now hung on the wall {of course it was Pinterest inspired- see photo at the end of blog!}. My plan is to have everything 100% finished by 34 weeks {really I'd like to have it done by 32, but I think 34 is more realistic}. This is for a couple of different reasons, but mainly because I have nightmares that she decides to make her debut into this world early and we haven't finished everything on my "list" yet. Over my dead body will that happen! I always like to be prepared early anyway, makes life easier! So, stay tuned for a complete nursery blog in the coming weeks! It's going to be the most precious little room.
As I'm sure everyone now knows from the fact that I have posted the pictures all over Facebook and Instagram- our 4D ultrasond was last Friday. It. Was. Awesome. Seriously, if you're pregnant, or think you may ever be pregnant - plan on having one of those done. Totally worth the little bit that it costs. I wish I could go right now and have another one {and am pretty sure I'd be able to talk Bennett into going again... planning on it}.It was so neat to get to have a peak into her little world in there. I heard to be sure to drink or eat something that you know normally makes them active, so we got a coffee from Starbucks about 40 minutes before. At first, sweet little girl was a bit stubborn and kept her little hands right on her face the whole time! Then once the hands finally moved elsewhere, she just stuck her face right smack dab into the placenta!! It's like she was hiding her little face from us and I'll tell you this- if that's a sign that she might be shy then I immediately have to question who her real mother and father are. Obviously joking but I mean have you met me and Bennett?! Definitely not shy! Finally, she decided that she wanted to be playful and oh my goodness my heart just melts thinking about it! She sucked on her little fingers, opened and closed her eyes, SMILED, all kinds of fun little stuff. Luckily, we have the entire session on DVD that they made for us so we get to watch it over and over. It goes without saying that we were already head over heels in love with Caroline before the 4D but man oh man I think we both have reached a whole new level since then! If I have flipped through all the pictures once then I've flipped through them 100 times. Same with Bennett. We can't get enough! Also, I think I have finally come to the conclusion that Caroline is going to be her Daddy's little mini-me. I know we cannot 100% tell but you gotta check out her ultrasound pics and then compare them to both mine and Bennett's baby/small child pics below. It looks to me like Caroline is an exact replica of the one of Bennett passed out in the high chair! Regardless of who she ends up looking like, I know one thing is for sure- she gets those chubby cheeks honest. Look at all the chubby cheek-ness going on in our baby pics!!               
Here's my first little DIY project for her room! We bought a white scatter frame, used a foam board to create backing, added some quilters batting, covered with fabric, and finished with a wooden "C" that I painted pink!

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