Thursday, May 16, 2013

28 Weeks: Caroline is GROWING

28 weeks today means that in a short 12 {give or take} weeks we will have a precious little baby daughter.... OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH. I still can hardly believe that this is really happening. Well, until I look down and see that either I am really in fact pregnant {very pregnant}, or I stole a basketball and stuck it in my shirt. You'd think that having a big ole pregnant belly would make it hit home that you are actually really going to have a baby, become a mommy, etc- but I feel like I won't be able to fully wrap my head around that until she is actually here. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again, I just cannot believe that WE are having a BABY. I can feel the full on preparation mode totally setting in. Two nights ago- I sat on the computer in the bed for a solid hour and a half before falling asleep, looking up all sorts of things pertaining to her arrival. More specifically, the delivery.... Can you say NERVOUS. I know that the whole grueling delivery part will all be worth it once sweet Caroline is here, but I'd be lying if I said that I am not slap PETRIFIED of that whole process. Yikes.
{Baby girl growing ALOT lately!}
As we enter the 3rd trimester, full speed ahead, things are getting more and more exciting around the Smith home! Tonight, we have our first class at the hospital which is pretty much just a welcome session, tour, etc.... I never knew it was possible to be excited about touring a hospital but I am SO excited! Next week we'll go to the class that I'm honestly the most nervous about... Breastfeeding. Yikes. Talk about another issue I am slap petrified of. I am determined to breastfeed because of the benefits for Caroline, but I can't say that I'm not scared to death of the sensitivity.... cracking..... Ok I think I've said enough..... On a better note- the fun doesn't stop there, tomorrow we have our 4D ultrasound! I literally feel like a little girl the night before Christmas, absolutey giddy over the fact that tomorrow we get to see our perfect baby girl {Lord willing she cooperates and gives us lots of good looks at her pretty little face}. That means next week's blog will be extra special- complete with plenty of 4D pics. Hopefully she'll be in the same playful mood tomorrow that she has been in he pastt few days. I cannot even explain the movement that has been going on inside this tummy. Today I was sitting in a meeting for work when I literally jumped in my seat after she gave me one big swift kick in the ribs. Also, the past couple of nights I have been awaken by what I'm assuming is her little late night dance party. I'm sure once she enters the world, those will turn into late night feeding parties. Bring it on baby girl, bring it on!
{Was so happy to have Mom up to Greenville for Mothers Day this past weekend!}

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