Wednesday, July 9, 2014

School Supplies

I have a lot of catching up to do here. In the past few months since I've bogged we've moved to a new state, bought a new house, and experienced all kinds of milestones- family milestones and sweet Caroline milestones. I would be here all night if I tried to recount everything in one blogpost and talked about how long it's been since I've blogged. Instead, I'm just going to share my heart. 

Caroline and I were in Target yesterday. Per usual, we go there far too often {I know Bennett is giving a big amen to this, what can I say, it's my happy place}. We were roaming the aisles when I realized that they were slowly but surely getting their school supplies on the shelves and ready for the school year. Now, I'm one of those weird people that always loved going back to school because I LOVED the school supplies. For my whole educational experience, loved them. When I was little it was going to the Hello Kitty store to get everything matching, pink, and have my mom write my name on it all in bubble letters- when I was in college it was getting the perfect planner, folders, pens, paper, and organizing myself for the new year. Yesterday, I {no joke} found myself a little sad that I wasn't buying school supplies. I mean really what's not to love? I found myself wanting to buy the polka dot folders and pink hi-liters and missing the days when things were easier and I could look forward to something as simple and fun as the first day of school {complete with new outfit, of course}. Then my mind started to wonder. I thought about how far I've come since those days. How much in my life has changed since I bought my last set of school supplies in Athens.... Then I realized that in just a few years I'll be buying school supplies again. I'll be getting an adorable little girl ready for her first day of school with crayons, scissors, and a monogrammed lunch box.... And I couldn't even handle the thought. I immediately realized that I need not be sad that a time in my life has passed. I realized how quickly it passed, and how much more quickly life has gone since then. I realized that in a few years, new school supplies will mean another year older for my baby girl. Another year of learning, changing, and growing into the beautiful person that I know she will become. As we creep up to her first birthday {less than a month. I can't believe it. Hold me.}, I'm realizing just how quickly life goes by now. Just how much I need to treasure every single moment in this phase of life. Lots of days with her are fun.... But some days are hard. Really hard. Harder than I ever imagined possible. Stay at home mom is supposed to be the easy life, right? {haha?} Sometimes I miss my job. So much of what I thought of myself came from my success at work and there are some days that I miss that validation. Then there are days like yesterday.... When I have this mini emotional breakdown in target all because I saw some school supplies. I look at my baby girl {who is waving and saying "bye bye" to every person who walks by}, she smiles, laughs, and points at me, and I know that this is right where I was meant to be. Right where I was made to be. And I thank God for the opportunity to have the most amazing job and title in the world as Mommy to the most beautiful girl He blessed me with. It really is the sweetest life and I know it's only going to get better.... But for now, on our next Target trip, I think I'll skip the school supply aisle ;) 

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