Friday, March 28, 2014

The SAHM Life

Funny how I vowed to blog more now that I live the stay at home mom life... but somehow I haven't blogged at all. I'm going to need to work on that. Speaking of the stay at home mom life... WOW. I am so incredibly thankful that Bennett and I made the best decision ever when we decided I would leave Altria and be home with Caroline full time. I knew that I would have a whole different type of "work" cut out for me, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Over the past two months of "stay at home mommy-ness" I have had several people ask me "Are you getting bored yet?" or "Is it really all that you thought it would be?".  Let me be candid and answer those questions... first of all it is everything and more that I thought it would be. My precious girl and I have a bond and relationship closer than ever that I would not trade for anything in the world. Second of all, anyone who thinks stay at home moms have a chance to get "bored" deserve to have a pitcher of ice water poured on them during their sleep. I'm serious. This does NOT get boring. It is difficult on a whole different level {coming from someone who had quite the demanding job prior to this new SAHM life}. And here's the thing- as a SAHM {stay at home mom- this is how I will refer to it from now on.. much easier to type}, how you spend your day is all up to you! Well, and that little bundle of joy who may or may not decide to take their nap on schedule and may or may not decide to have a blow out in their pants on the way to the park. What I'm trying to say is, could I {in all reality} choose to spend my days in PJs on the couch watching soap operas while Caroline plays by herself or eats some random piece of paper? Yep, I could. Do I? HECK NO. Most days, I find that I haven't even sat down to catch a glimpse of TV until about 8:00 when she is in bed and the mister and I have eaten supper. Caroline and I stay very active, both around the house and outside the house. Our life is GREAT.
Speaking of house, all of you probably know by now that we are moving to Georgia! I am so excited that we decided to plant our roots in the lovely community of Summergrove in Newnan, Ga. Our new home is {almost finished} being built, and we close April 11! We will miss Greenville immensely. I honestly get teary eyed thinking about leaving this {what I consider to be the} greatest little city EVER. But, I know that we will have so much fun coming back to visit our friends! When I moved here three and a half years ago straight out of college- I had no idea just how much I would fall in love with this place.... Anyhow, all that to say- we are thrilled to move to Newnan and start a new life there! My family will be so close and for that we are SO thankful. I grew up with my grandparents, aunts, and uncles living near to me and am excited for Caroline {and future little Smiths} to be able to do the same! Really, Caroline has a pretty sweet grandparent set-up because my side will be close to her and Bennett's side will be in Orlando.. beach and Disney trips, yes please!!

While I'm talking about Caroline.... how is it possible that she will be 8 months old next week? Seriously how is it possible? This little girl has completely stolen my heart. I love her more than I ever thought possible. It is funny because each month I say to Bennett "Oh man, this age is totally my favorite month"... but then the next month I'm saying the same thing! And lately even "Oh man, her little personality has REALLY developed this week".... but then the next month I'm saying the same thing! Something tells me I'll probably be saying those things for the rest of her life. I'm not kidding when I say that I gave birth to the most social butterfly of child ever. I cannot go through the grocery store without her "making friends" with every single person there. Today as we were walking through Publix, I realized she was playing Peek-a-Boo with some complete stranger lady and using my body as the "peek". She is so funny! She is like any minute away from crawling... she gets up on all fours and then just totally scoots herself backwards instead of coming forward. She eats all kinds of pureed foods {and is a fabulous eater, at that!}, and is still breastfed. This is something I happen to be extremely proud of! I had to supplement for a little bit at certain times when I was working because I was gone for 12+ hours a day on multiple occasions and just not able to pump enough. However, once I came home full time, my supply built right back up and she has had only breastmilk ever since! I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT.

Before  I bore you all to tears, I'll sign off. But not before I share a few pictures- of course......

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