Sunday, January 12, 2014

5 Month Old Caroline

Last week, Sweet Caroline turned 5 months old. Somehow we have gone from finding out we were pregnant to having a bubbly, giggly, smiley, rolling over, sitting up (almost), slowly starting to eat solids, growing like a weed little baby girl. And it all has happened SO. FAST. Seriously I feel like before I know it I'll be planning her perfect little princess bash of a 1st birthday party.... SLOW. DOWN.  We are having so much fun with her. The girl has one heck of a personality, if you've met her I am sure you have witnessed what I am talking about. Full of life!!! She and I started a mommy and me "gymnastics" class at The Little Gym this past week and all she did was literally smile and laugh at everyone the whole time we were there. She is quite the social butterfly! It was great for her to have some interaction with other babies her age. Since we have someone come to the house to watch her rather than daycare, she has zero interaction with other babies on a daily basis. It was fun to watch her discover that there are other people her size :)

It's truly amazing how much life has changed. I believe 100% that there is no way to really describe the experience of becoming a new parent. No amount of books, internet articles, message boards, classes, or even advice could ever prepare someone. There are the obvious changes such as daily routine, ability to be spontaneous, lack of sleep, etc. Then the other "obvious" things such as feel like your heart is going to explode, never knew you could love someone so much, don't care that she spit up all over me look how cute she is, etc.... But that second sentence of obvious things. Man the emotion is a level that I could try to describe but would never do it justice. Everything changes. My perspective on the craziest things has changed. Example: I'll be the first to admit, I was not always the  greatest about following the "no texting while driving" rule. I would occasionally find something sooooo pressing that I just had to reply to a text, email, etc. I know- horrible. But NOW. Oh goodness. Now that I have someone who literally depends on me for everything, the phone can wait. I'm probably the safest driver on the roads in South Carolina these days (saying a lot if you have ever ridden with me prior to this.. my bosses bosses boss once told me I was the worst driver he had ever ridden with... #yikes). If I see someone on their phone while driving I literally feel the need to blow my horn, scold them, maybe even follow them to their destination and give them a piece of my mind. I'm carrying precious cargo you buttholes!!!! Even if she isn't in the car, she is waiting for me at home and pardon my french but I'll be damned if some idiot driver is going to stand in the way of me making it to her.  Then... then there's this example. In October, Bennett had the honor of being a groomsman in the wedding of one of his lifelong dear friends, Caleb Vogt. It was a beautiful wedding. But this wedding was a new experience for me. Normally I always look at the grooms face when his lady walks toward him. But this night as his bride Emily walked down the aisle, I caught a glimpse of her Mom looking at her baby girl, beautiful as ever, dressed in white, marrying the man of her dreams. In that moment, I got SO emotional. I always get emotional at weddings but this was for much different reason than usual. As the new mom of a daughter, I could only imagine what was going through her mom's head and heart on that most special night. And then I remembered I had seen that look before, on my most special night when my mom fought back tears of joy. It's a look of love that I feel like I'm starting to understand more and more each day throughout this journey of being a new mommy.......

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